Green Zone Apartments


Design, Implementation & Supervision Services

Green Zone Apartments By Loft company design and construction شركة لوفت الهندسية

Green Zone Apartments

Diamond Loft delivered expert design, implementation, and supervision services for the interiors of high-end apartments located in the exclusive “Green Zone ” of Baghdad.
Our team aimed to create living spaces that were both sophisticated and comfortable, with a focus on minimalist design elements that exude elegance, yet at the same time, it is delightfully cozy. The bedrooms were designed with a minimalist aesthetic, featuring soft materials that promote relaxation and comfort. The luxurious bathrooms were fitted with dim, soothing lighting, creating a spa-like atmosphere. The kitchens were kept simple and clean, with functionality and comfort in mind.
The result was a series of apartments that offered residents a warm and inviting home environment, while still exuding sophistication and style.