Iraq Gate Project (Apartment Complex)


Design, Implementation & Supervision Services

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Iraq Gate Project (Apartment Complex)

Diamond Loft played a crucial role in the design, implementation, and supervision of the building of “The Station”, a foundation for entrepreneurs in Baghdad. We utilized our expertise in design and construction to bring the vision for this innovative workspace to life. Our team worked closely with the stakeholders to understand their requirements and incorporated their feedback into the design, ensuring that the final product met their expectations. We oversaw the construction process, ensuring that all safety standards were met and that the build was completed on time and within budget. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail made a significant impact on the successful completion of this project, which now serves as a hub for entrepreneurs in Baghdad, providing them with the resources they need to succeed. The Station Foundation for Entrepreneurship is one of Iraq’s leading co-working spaces, and Baghdad’s first and only co-working space. The experience at The Station goes beyond merely a physical space; we build communities, drive acceleration and inspire a culture of collaboration.